Food Safety

HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)

Food Safety Dry Age SteakDryAgePro conforms to US FDA, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Food and Drugs, Part 177—indirect food additives, polymers: 177.1500 nylon resins; 177.1590 polyester elastomers; 177.1520 olefin polymers; 177.1600 polyethene resins, carboxyl modified and Part 178-indirect food additives, adjutants, production aids and sanitizers.

  • DryAgePro is moisture and oxygen permeable material, not barrier packaging.
  • The function of DryAgePro is to protect the meat from bacteria and mold, while allowing the meat to age. 
  • Microbial studies of DryAgePro aged meat vs. open air dry aging demonstrate a lower bacterial load in DryAgePro meat.
  • DryAgePro can be easily integrated into a HACCP program.
  • The recommended temperature for drying meat with DryAgePro is 34° to 38°F (1° to 4°C).
  • Store the DryAgePro encased meat on an open wire rack with
    air circulation on all sides of each piece and no contact to other pieces of meat.
  • The process should not be conducted in a box.
  • 360° surfaces airflow must be maintained throughout the dry aging period.