Award-Winning Technology

DryAgePro® technology was a proud winner of The National Restaurant Association's annual 'Food & Beverage Product Innovations Award'. The award recognizes progressive food and beverage products that will make a significant impact in the restaurant industry.

“We are delighted to receive this recognition,” says Thea Lopatka, president and CEO of UMAi Dry Bag Steak. “To be selected amongst brands such as ConAgra, H.J. Heinz Company and others is a true honor.”

An independent panel of industry leaders, representing commercial and non-commercial segments selects this elite group of industry trailblazers. Award recipients were chosen for their significant advancements and innovations in ingredients, preparation, processing and packaging.

Research Study: Dry Aging Using Vacuum-packaging Provides Savings

Dry aging beef in a vacuum-packaging bag can provide savings without affecting the quality of the product compared to traditional methods, according to a research study.

University Study: Dry Aging of Beef in a Bag Highly Permeable to Water Vapor

The objective of this experiment was to compare traditional dry aging of beef with a novel technique of dry aging in a highly moisture-permeable bag. 

University Study: Effects of Dry Aging of Bone-in and Boneless Strip Loins Using Two Aging Processes for Two Aging Times

This experiment investigated the combined effects of two dry-aging methods (unpackaged and in a bag), two loin-cut styles (bone-in shell loins and boneless strip loins), and two aging times (21 and 28 days) on the physical, chemical, sensory, and microbial properties of dry-aged beef.

CIA Butcher’s Info Blog

At the CIA I have been experimenting with aging meat for a while now. Over the years many classes have sampled the flavor of aged beef, lamb and even pork.

BBQ Butcher

In over 40+ years of eating steaks, I would have to say this was the best steak that ever crossed my taste buds! The flavor was immense with "beefy" taste, but without the normal "mustiness" of regular, old fashioned dry aged beef. There was NO 'off' taste either. Tender? You could almost cut this thick slab with a fork.